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US Housing Report – What This Means for You

Housing is a major topic of discussion nowadays and for good reason: the national economy is highly dependent on the housing sector. Most people have been affected by the housing crisis through equity, foreclosure or even having to see their compatriots suffer. That’s why more and more people are paying close attention to real estate news and national housing trends. However, for those not familiar with housing trends and statistics, the data can be confusing or even misleading.

What to Consider Before Turning Your Home into a Rental

So you are considering converting your home into a rental property, but just making your home available for rent is not enough. Here are some important things to consider before turning your home into a rental:

Things to Know Before You Purchase an Income Property

Purchasing an income property is a huge decision, and one that may have a significant impact on your future financial circumstances. Here are some things to know before purchasing an income property:

Pros and Cons of Renting Versus Owning

In the past, owning a home was always the better option for most people. However, due to the economic recession, more and more people now prefer renting over ownership. When home prices drop, many homeowners find themselves struggling to pay their mortgages.

5 Ways to Compete In a Bidding War

Purchasing a home comes with great excitement, but can also be accompanied by unforeseen events whether you are a first­timer or a seasoned buyer. Unforeseen bidding wars can lead to pain and frustration, and these days, bidding wars are a regular part of the house buying process.

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